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The predecessor of Jiangyin Chengxin Wood Co., Ltd. can be traced back to the building materials department established in 1983. The company was formally established in 2003. Companies adhering to the "integrity of supply, excellent service," the purpose, our company has always had good credit, and actively explore new markets. We believe that credit is the life of an enterprise. Innovation is the magic weapon of an enterprise. Without the ability of credit and innovation, enterprises will have no vitality.
The company has a wide variety of mechanical equipment, such as multiple sports car band saws, heavy-duty planers, high-speed planers, heavy-duty planers, heavy-duty double-sided planers, heavy-duty four-sided planers, milling machines and lathes, CNC machining centers, and many others. Special processing equipment tools with complete wood processing capabilities.
Our company is a qualified supplier of ship decks and fenders of China's designated size.
Our company provides processing services for plates, sawing boards and planing for construction and decoration enterprises; pillows, bolsters, docking blocks, sliding parts, etc. for heavy-duty enterprises such as shipyards; Deck, solid wood lines, anti-wave handrails, etc.; participate in garden ancient construction, provide outdoor materials (preservative wood, southern pine, willow, pineapple, etc.) and participate in installation (pasges, covered bridges, outdoor flooring); perennial manufacturing and installation of stair railings Packing boxes, wooden pallets and brackets are also the main products of our company. These products enable our company to fully utilize the log resources and will be conducive to the construction of an environmentally friendly society.
The company's main import of wood, the current varieties of management are Liu Yan, Pineapple, clone, Compass (Mengris), Dilang peach, water bakelite, Park Kai, Balu, Hawthorn, mixed red, Hongshan Lancome, Rosewood, African Pineapple (Tali), Okay, Ice Candy, Tangmu, South American Teak, Red Oak, White Oak and other Southeast Asian, African American Hardwood, and North American Douglas Fir, Southern Pine, Burmese Teak, Russian Red Pine , Pinus sylvestris, Australian pine, New Zealand radiata pine, ash, eucalyptus, European poplar and so on.
Since the end of 2014, the company has established a log customization department to provide customers with log home customization services.
Since the end of 2015, the company has established the Ministry of Ancient Construction to undertake the business of the ancient building wood structure processing project.
Our company always regards the needs of customers as an important mission of our company, urgency for customers, solutions to customers' needs, and a good supplier for our company's self-positioning.